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We help the Swiss financial industry navigate through the digital transformation.

Our events are organized in consultation with our clients.
We do not hold public briefings.

Inside Future

Think Tank and Digital Institute:
Pioneering Future Research for the Swiss Financial Industry

Founded in 2019, Inside Future stands as a pioneering think tank and digital institute dedicated to shaping the future of the Swiss financial industry. In a remarkably short time, the institute has emerged as a key advisor for boards and executive teams within this sector.

Inside Future's expertise lies in evaluating digital transformation, boasting a global network of top-tier experts in this field. Our team and our associated worldwide experts continuously assess the latest studies and insights in digital change specifically tailored to the financial industry. What sets Inside Future apart is our ability to delve deeply into subjects with the world's foremost experts, ensuring relevance to the Swiss financial landscape. Our reports and expert analyses aid our clients in distinguishing genuine opportunities from mere innovation theater.

Committed solely to the future, Inside Future aims to materialize change for the next generation of the Swiss financial hub. Recognizing the accelerated shifts in economy and society as opportunities, we seek to understand the rules driving these changes. Our goal is to contribute to a positive vision for the financial sector.

By identifying clear trends and developments, we elucidate upcoming transformations, highlighting emerging business areas. Inside Future assists firms and decision-makers in the financial industry in crafting forward-looking strategies and innovations. We are not just observers of change; we are active facilitators, helping shape a resilient and innovative future for the Swiss financial industry.

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Our Offering

Connecting You to Leading Experts: Building Networks of Excellence

Unlock the Future of Finance: Exclusive Retreats at Engelberg Monastery

Discover unparalleled insights into the evolving landscape of the financial industry with our "Future Finance Circles" at the historic Kloster Engelberg. These exclusive retreats, tailored for board members and executives of the Swiss financial industry, are a gateway to understanding trends and shifts shaping the future of finance. Participation is by personal invitation only, ensuring an elite and intimate environment for up to nine guests per event. Here, the focus is not on presentations but on engaging discussions with industry-leading experts, adding immense value to your strategic vision.

Tailored Briefings for Swiss Financial Companies: Grasp Tomorrow's Challenges Today

Join us to unravel the future with our customized "Trend and Innovation Briefings." We equip your team with targeted trend research and systematic analyses, laying a solid foundation for your digital strategies. Our briefings are designed to help you recognize and understand the challenges of tomorrow's financial world, with studies tailored to your customer requirements, making trends, markets, and strategic options transparent and comprehensible.

Workshops for Your Enterprise: Shaping Success in Innovation

Ensure the success of your innovation projects with our tailored workshops. Spanning 1-2 days, these sessions are crafted to help you comprehend future challenges. Our approach provides a portfolio of actionable, tangible, and entrepreneurial development suggestions, transforming your innovative ideas into reality.

Investment Protection: Safeguarding Your Digital Expansion

Protect your investment in digital growth with Inside Future's pre-project Investment Protection phase. Through IP I & II, we thoroughly review customer needs via qualified interviews, aligning them with the project objectives. This ensures that projects and products are precisely tailored to meet customer expectations.

Guidance and Consulting: Navigating Your Digital Future

Embark on a journey to a successful digital future with our guidance. Following the Inside Future Briefing, Workshop, and Investment Protection phases, we offer strategic and, if needed, operational support through our tech and expert teams. This personalized process guidance ensures that your innovation strategies and projects are on the path to success.

Speakings: Voices of Authority in Digital Finance

As experts in the digitalization of the finance industry, we provide insights on handling new technologies, exploring future research, megatrends in the financial economy, and the societal changes impacting the digital future of the Swiss financial industry. Our speaking engagements are a testament to our deep understanding and forward-thinking in the realm of financial digitalization.

Monastery Engelberg

A Sanctuary of Inspiration and Innovation

Nestled in the heart of Engelberg, Canton of Obwalden, Switzerland, the Engelberg Monastery is a testament to timeless elegance and spiritual legacy. Founded in 1120 by Konrad von Sellenbüren and initially populated with monks from Muri Monastery, this Benedictine abbey has withstood the sands of time, including a catastrophic fire in 1729. Today, its buildings stand as some of the grandest Baroque structures in Central Switzerland.

As 2020 marks the 900th year of its unbroken influence, the Engelberg Monastery celebrates a rich heritage that has significantly shaped the valley's history and played a pivotal role in transforming the community into an internationally renowned tourist destination. The monks' current activities, deeply intertwined with the village's needs, have evolved from a longstanding bond between the monastery and the local community.

We are honored to have the opportunity to use the monastery's facilities for our events, thanks to its renowned hospitality. More than just offering exceptional infrastructure, the monastery facilitates a confidential atmosphere for our briefings and discussions.

Abbot Christian eagerly anticipates engaging conversations with all guests and participants of Inside Future, exploring the intersections of the future, values, and technology. This extraordinary venue, steeped in history and wisdom, promises to be the perfect backdrop for insightful exchanges and innovative thinking.


Upcoming Briefings

The 8 Digital Megatrends in the Financial Industry: New Opportunities and Risks for the upcoming 5 years.

Virtual World Tour: We visit 8 hotspots and flagship projects of the global financial industry, offering insights into the future of modern customer service.

Dive into the essentials of AI with our briefing, showcasing the latest applications and revealing the current capabilities and limits of generative AI in a concise session. Stay updated with the cutting edge of AI advancements.

Marketing in the financial industry is undergoing massive changes: customer communication is becoming much more personal and faster. We'll show how and where the opportunities lie and how the industry is set to evolve

Controlling is becoming significantly more efficient with new solutions, such as Microsoft Copilot. We will demonstrate how data analytics will evolve in the coming years and the opportunities that are already available today.

Interested in one of these briefings? Get in touch with us: we don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions - our briefings are tailored specifically to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.



Curious to know more? We're just a click away: Don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us.
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